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What We Do

Concrete Repairs, Protection and Waterproofing

BCD Group are specialists in the waterproofing and repair of concrete using the most up to date products available on the market.

Concrete admixtures (for the purpose of waterproofing) are an area BCD Group specialise in. We also repair spalling (concrete cancer), cracks and many other damaged concrete problems.

Specialised remedial mortars with their unique properties provide effective concrete repair and protection where waterproofing is a requirement. They are used to seal cracks and construction joints to stop water flow and water ingress, provide moisture and protective barriers and restore concrete surfaces. The products can be used on negative and positive surfaces of substrates.

BCD Group also offers Wet area waterproofing both internal and external to:

Planter Boxes
Roof Decks
Retaining Walls
Underground Car Parks and Structures

All our waterproofing comes with a warranty to allow peace of mind to our clients. For any waterproofing needs give us a call today.